Jeff Howell is a multifaceted leader, driven by his passion for developing young minds and preparing them fundamentally on the basketball court and off, with life lessons and experiences that will enhance the next phases of their growth. With nearly two decades as a certified Ohio High School basketball official and nine years as the Head Girls Coach at Madison Christian School, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge, experiences, as well as a direct and transparent approach to his teachings.

More than just a coach, Jeff sees himself as a mentor, leader, and an extension of the family unit that transcends the boundaries of the court. His approach is rooted in a fundamental understanding of the game and meticulously building physical and mental skills from the ground up while challenging his players to push beyond their perceived limits.

Jeff's dedication to his craft is matched only by his devotion to his family. A husband of 34 years and a father of three amazing girls, he seamlessly weaves his family values into his coaching philosophy, providing a holistic experience that nurtures both athletic and personal development.

Off the court, Jeff's achievements are equally impressive. Holding a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Leadership from the Ohio Dominican University, he serves as the Director of National Sales with Cascade365 Liquidity Solutions, demonstrating his ability to excel and provide valuable solutions in a challenging and diverse marketplace.

A diehard Ohio State Buckeyes fan, Jeff's passion for women's basketball extends beyond the sidelines by being a 20+ year season ticket holder for Lady Buckeye basketball. His lifelong allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers, despite growing up near Cincinnati, Ohio, further exemplifies his unwavering loyalty and commitment.

With an unparalleled blend of coaching prowess and passionate demeanor, Jeff Howell stands as a formidable force, shaping exceptional athletes. His relentless drive for excellence also prepares well-rounded individuals to conquer life's challenges.